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All the supplies you need for
your move
Dedicated and careful packing

Each item will be packed carefully to ensure safety. Rest assured with K.C. Moving Express that your items will arrive in one piece.

All of your items will be carefully placed in paper and bubble wrap, with proper attention and care for your heavier items. If you would prefer to do your own packing, just remember to not overpack boxes, avoid mixing different items from different rooms, and never use newspaper for fine china.

High quality packing supplies

For those who have moved before, you know it can be a bit of a hassle to deal with packing and unpacking your items. It can be even more of a hassle if it isn't packed correctly in the first place.

We will ensure that your items are packed and labeled properly and sorted by room. If you want to do some of your own packing, we can provide high quality packing paper, padding, boxes, and more.

Want to handle your
own packing?
We have the supplies you need.

Free estimates for local moves.

We also go anywhere in the US. Just give us a call!